Raymus Media – ONI-ISM Review

Raymus Media reviews our J-Horror tribute, ONI-ISM.

“For all of its occult auras and j-horror themes, there are woozy synths, atmospheric sounds, and crisp breakbeats that make this album pleasantly divine. As a soundtrack to a non-existent horror film, the tracks are more like suites in a singular 17-minute song — short and digestible like a mixtape, but cohesive enough to work like an album. This is Valley Swerve’s magnum opus, which takes inspiration from Japanese folklore and various 90’s UK electronic styles (trip-hop, big beat, drum n bass) and turn it into ambient soundscapes that are fit for a global palate.

The album starts with exposition from one of the film’s characters, but the music does the talking as the song hits the ground running with a propulsive slick breakbeat. The electronics behind the drums create an ominous backdrop that sounds like a distant thick smog overtaking the skies. The flood of visuals this album can put in your mind can’t be overstated.”

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The review speaks with true knowledge from writer, taking time to explore the inspirations behind the music. This is a deep dive review of the constructs of not only horror music, but the horror genre as a whole. We are grateful to have such creatives in our community. Thank you Raymus.

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