Raymus Media – Songs From Paradis Island Review

Raymus Media has once again reviewed one of our releases. This time a small tribute you’re probably already too familiar with.

“Through anime samples, vaporwave remixes, and nostalgic instrumental beats, Valley Swerve’s music has made its way through dedicated niche communities. Valley Swerve continues to thrive on that theme and imagery, with his latest EP being inspired by Attack On Titan, adding to the fanfare while viewers wait for a finale release date.

It’s cinematic and adventurous enough to connect with fans, but those unfamiliar with the series will still be treated to a showcase of diverse electronic and hip-hip styles drenched in Valley Swerve’s signature vaporwave techniques and haunting atmosphere. His rhythms are also as strong as ever with 808 drops that are crisp, slick, and massive, and house beats that bring euphoric energy.”

Click here to read their full review!

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